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Is Local traffic not shown in the XR500 admin area?

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I am doing a local to local transfer between 2 PC using Filezilla client and server via my XR 500.

Task manager on the uploading PC says it sending at 983MB

Task manager on the server PC is saying receiving at 971MB

But the XR500 is not showing this, so does local traffic between PCs is not counted and displayed?
I am not using port 21 and using my own port number.

The network overview is showing 0.050 at max, when I am not using the internet.


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Hi Gaz,

The Network Monitor only shows WAN traffic, internal traffic isn't recorded. This is because most people use the Network Monitor to keep an eye on their ISP bandwidth and data usage. Local transfers obviously are only limited by the Gigabit ethernet ports, the cables, and the quality of the hardware in the house.

So yes, this is expected behaviour.

All the best,


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