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xbox one no connection Issue

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Please could someone HELP! 

My xbox one is on a wired connection from the netduma. The Netduma is connected to an BT Home Hub 5, I have connected it to a static Ip (I think) and turned off wireless connections. All of my other devices are connected to Netduma via ethernet and wireless.

everything else seems to work fine...execpt my xbox it will not connect to xbox live...im new to this so may need guiding a bit...

Help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance



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So you've connected the Xbox using a Static IP? This probably won't be necessary, so i'd recommend putting it back on automatic.


...but if you would like to have a static ip anyway, make sure it follows this pattern: 192.168.88.X where X is whatever number you want between 1 and 250.

Then go to your R1, Network Settings > LAN window > DHCP, and tick the Reserve box next to the Xbox, make sure the IP matches what you put into the console, and press save.

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