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Can't access the OS at all

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I have recently been unable to access the DumaOS on my netduma R1. It wasn't always a problem, but suddenly it stopped working.

I have attempted restarting, factory resetting, using multiple different browsers, clearing my cache, disabling adblock.

Now my router is back to its factory setting, including the insecure wifi password, and I'm still unable to change anything. Below are screenshots of the only message I get when trying to access DumaOS, followed by what happens indefinitely after i click "OK".

I'd appreciate any kind of help.

Best regards



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Hello, thank you! This started occurring about a month ago, after I had been away from home for a few months. At first, I simply couldn't access any settings because of some javascript error, if I remember correctly. After looking it up, the suggestion was to reboot the router. After doing that, this error started occurring.

I purchased my Netduma R1 around august of 2016, and the upgrade to DumaOS caused no issues at first and ran smoothly until about a month ago.

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Are you aware of any power cuts that you may have had while you were away or anything/anyone on the network that could potentially explain it? Unplug the router from the power for 24 hours exactly (if possible) and then after that please try accessing it. Sometimes leaving it like that can allow it time to clear.

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