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Bandwidth Allocation Suggestion

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Hey there Duma team!


First off I have to say you guys did a great job on this! Absolutely awesome for gaming. I just wanted to make a suggestion based on experience with dumaOS. In bandwidth Allocation, how I understand it is that you can set a certain amount of bandwidth per device, but only within your set bandwidth amount in the anti-bb option. I run a huge network with another router on a separate subnet that needs to be bandwidth limited along with a few other devices. What I've noticed is that setting multiple devices; say I have a 10Mbps bandwidth limit. I would like to limit the secondary router to 5Mbps and 2 other streaming devices to 3Mbps each. With the way dumaOS is setup, right now that is impossible to do. Setting the 2 media devices to 3mbps each will just reduce any other device that was already set up due to having a limit of only 10Mbps. I find this really annoying because it's not a true bandwidth limit. I guess it is called allocation instead of limit, but an overall bandwidth limit on a per device basis option would be super helpful in this case. I have also noticed that with the share excess option enabled that any allocated device can pass it's set limit, this can be useful in some cases, but not all. If share excess can also be added on a per device basis instead of every device on the network, I believe that this router firmware will be the ultimate gaming firmware. 


Thanks for listening!

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Hi there - thank you for the feedback and the kind words about DumaOS.

This is a great idea and something we plan to add in a future milestone. We're looking to add even more control to all our QoS features over the next few firmwares.

Thanks again for taking the time to suggest this and let us know if you can think of anything else we can improve.

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