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Anyone use the Steeleries Pro Wireless for Gaming?


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Good Evening 

I have this headset and its a great headset but i was just wondering if anyone else uses this headset and what EQ settings you use for this headset for gaming?


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I have the Steelseries Artic 9x. Pro didn't have Bluetooth and I need to know when I have phone calls and be able to take em quickly while I game.

I've been thru Tutrlebeach 800x - broke and replaced 2x with warranty.  Astro A50 Gen 3. - bad wifi interference and no bluetooth, gave em to my son. Tutrlebeach 700 - worst sounding headsets EVER. Plantronics RIG 800x - love em but no bluetooth so when Artic 9x came out I gave em to my son who now prefers these to the Astro A50s due to wifi interference. 

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