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  1. Right, that's my conclusion but thought I'd ask as it was driving me nuts! lol
  2. I have the Geo Filter set in Strict Mode with Auto Ping Host unchecked. When my friends join me in a game online on Xbox, I can click their respective Peer icons but some that I click will keep 'looping' and not ever populate the Ping info box. Is this because they are behind a firewall of some sort? They are within my range (which I have set at 600 miles).
  3. I have the Steelseries Artic 9x. Pro didn't have Bluetooth and I need to know when I have phone calls and be able to take em quickly while I game. I've been thru Tutrlebeach 800x - broke and replaced 2x with warranty. Astro A50 Gen 3. - bad wifi interference and no bluetooth, gave em to my son. Tutrlebeach 700 - worst sounding headsets EVER. Plantronics RIG 800x - love em but no bluetooth so when Artic 9x came out I gave em to my son who now prefers these to the Astro A50s due to wifi interference.
  4. Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this topic... I recall reading something about theme support and an App Store coming for the DumaOS Netgear devices. Any word of an ETA?
  5. Hi. I'm kinda new here and proud owner of the XR700. IDK if this was ever touched on; I game online on Xbox. My son also games on his xbox and switch and PC. When we are both gaming (different games, etc.) there's really no way to tell on the Geo-Filter, which device is connected to which host, etc. My solution: Have the Geo-Filter Legend Icons colorized by device. Ex. Device 1= Blue, Device 2 = Orange That way it would be possible to tell what device is connected to what server/peer when the map populates. Thanks!
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