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I have to say, I’ve had this router for years and it’s been beyond frustrating the entire time.  I spend hours reading and trying different things and get nowhere.  Felt like I finally had it dialed in, went to dumaos and it’s terrible.  Reverted to original software and all my setting were gone.  I actually stopped using the router for a few months because I was over it.  I used it again tonight hoping the bugs are worked out and it’s no different.  COD I have a hell of a time connecting to lobbies a lot of the time.  Now Apex it’s literally getting me to matchmaking, trying to load me into a game and kicks me with the “server timed out” error.  I have none of these issues with my cheap router I have from the provider.  I just connect to servers across the country now which is why I got this netduma to begin with.


not to mention how HORRIBLE the WiFi is. I have to reboot the router daily.  And I’ve owned 2 houses since I bought this thing and it’s been terrible in both.  I’m sorry to rant but it gets frustrating after years of dealing with it.  I’m no IT guy but I’m not an idiot either, it shouldn’t be this difficult 

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Let us know all the issues you're having and we can try to address them one by one. 

Could you expand on the CoD issue you're having?

With Apex we put out a cloud update earlier this week so I would recommend your flush your cloud (if on DumaOS) or make sure you're on Bleeding edge cloud and click update once on original R1 firmware.

What WiFi issues are you having, deteriorating speeds, range? 

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