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Stream Portforwarding Help

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Hey guys, I'm trying to stream my xbox to my pc from another network. I have to perform these steps and input these ports below for it to work.

1. Create a Service Name (It could be anything but you may not be able to use the same service name twice. Ex. XBOX1, XBOX2, and so on.)

2. Select the service type (TCP, UDP, or Both)

3. Input 5050 for both External Starting Port and External Ending Port.

-Also input 4838

4. Select the IP address of your XBOX.

5. Select Apply.

6. Do the same for the other port numbers. For the range, use 49000 for the External Starting Port and use 65000 for the External Ending Port.

Here's a link to instructions as well: https://kinkeadtech.com/how-to-stream-xbox-one-to-windows-10-from-anywhere-with-internet/

Back in September I had a similar problem when I first bought the router, but someone from the forums helped me and we got it to work. Was there some kind of update or change for it to have stopped working? This is the way I had it working before, until 2 days ago when it stopped working.. Do I need to make any changes?


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