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Unable to join friends lobby which are on my Allowed List


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I keep having issues with joining a lobby with friends or them joining me that are on my Allowed List but outside of my geo filter, I have to expand the geo filter to cover the area where my friend is located then select spectating mode. Then try again on the ps4 (Try joining teammate couple of times) then it works, then I switch back to Filter Mode.

Filtering Mode: Works perfectly if the friend is within my location of the Geo filter but if the friend is outside of the Filter it doesn't work, maybe 1 out 5 times it works. So my way around this for friends I cant join or cant join me is to constantly switch between Filter mode and Spectating mode once I join then I switch back to Filtering mode.

I cant keep doing this every time, most times I just unplug my ps4 cable from Netduma connect directly to my ISP router which defeats the point of having a gaming router. Is there a work around this or 

is there a setting I can make to fix this?



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Hi there,

  1. Could you take a screenshot of your Allow & Deny panel?
  2. When you add them to Allow, do you give them unique names? Because when you connect to them in future, if you click on their icon in the map, it should show the same name. If it does not, then it's possible their IP is regularly changing. This would be unusual, but theoretically possible

Also - no need to expand the filter and click Spectating mode. You can just do one of them (spectating mode is probably easier) 

I'm just going to post the steps to Allow below in case you've not been doing it correctly (sounds like you have though):

How to Allow a good connection / friend

  1. To whitelist a friend or any other connection outside of your usual filter range, set your Filter to Spectating Mode in the top Device panel
  2. Then connect to the person or server you want to whitelist. For example, invite your friend into your game lobby or party chat
  3. The connection should then appear on your Geo-Filter Map. Click on the icon to load a ping graph for this connection. You will need to disable Auto Ping Host to be able to do this (You can toggle Auto Ping Host on/off on the Geo-Filter Map's advanced options - click on the icon with the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the panel to access this)
  4. In the Ping Panel below the Geo-Filter Map, name the connection and click on Allow. The connection will then be added to your Allow and Deny panel as Allowed
  5. Set your Filter back to Filtering Mode in the top Device Panel
  6. You will now always be able to connect to this allowed connection, even if they are outside of your filtering range





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