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Password Netduma R1 (FIX)


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Hello ,

i wanted change my wifi and user password's on the R1.

Wifi check , user password done but can't login .

So i don't understand , i change username and password , a long one because of courses the brand new Os cant manage special symbols , so i make a long one !

And no i don't forgot it , i first save it in a password app .

But the R1 accept the change but after that when i want login he deny access .

Ok , i will reboot the R1 and of courses he ask fore a password , cable from pc to router no wifi but still ask fore a password .

Now i try all password but all of them are not accepted , and yes i know, it should by on the r1 case , but who old this boxes after 4 years ???

Cane i please have the original password of the router .

Thank you .


Ps: Please make DumaOs accept special symbols , unbelievable that this is still impossible on a new OS !


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  • Netduma Staff

So after factory resetting the R1, have you tried 'netdumar1' as your password? What about the password on the bottom of the router?

If you're on DumaOS your default password would be 'password'. Please try any of these and let me know if it works.

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