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I desperately need help to connect

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1 hour ago, Martinvuu said:

I need help to connect to australia nbn with my isp that uses pppoe without vlan, i have the username and password and have put it in, in the settings, internet setup but it isnt connecting me, so could i get help with this please

Hi Martin, welcome to the forum! I saw your tweet about this issue, lets continue support here since it's a more efficient place to do it :)

I've seen someone else have this issue with XR500 PPPoE on NBN. His service was PPPoE but didn't require login details, so it's worth checking whether yours is the same. What he tried is simply turning off the router and the NBN box for 10 minutes, then starting up the NBN box and leaving it for 10 minutes. After that, he booted up the XR500 and went through the automatic setup. See it that works out for you!

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