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Problem acces local smb share from wif connected devicesi

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i have a Xr500 with the latest firmware

wifi work fine

Qos is disable

to connect to my internet provider i use vlan 100 (don't thonk it's needed to know this but in case of...)

i  have a working linux samba server on my lan network (Debian)

when i connect to the samba server with wired devices everything work fine

when i try to connect with wifi connected devices i can't connect to the samba server

i try with another router (Wrt32x with Openwrt) and both, wired and wifi devices, can join the samba server.

i know that on the Openwrt router lan and wifi are bridged

is there something to do on the Xr500 ?

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A few questions:

  1. Is the server connected directly into the XR500? What is it's IP address?
  2. Do you have a static IP setup on your wireless devices?
  3. Do you have any other routers in your setup, or is the XR500 connected directly into your modem?


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Are you able to disable the vlan temporarily to see if this is the problem? Try pinging the server from a device connected wirelessly by running the command ping through the command line. Let us know if you're not sure how to do this.

One other idea - did you enable the guest network option? If you connect to this wirelessly you won't be able to access devices on the main (non-guest) network 

Also, can you access the router's interface (DumaOS) from these wireless devices?

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