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Flexibility of Scheduled Content Filtering

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Howdy!  I've had the Netgear XR450 for a while now but recently I've come across the need to have some scheduled blocking enabled on the device.  What I need is to be able to block all internet access for a list of devices (my kids').  They've been watching netflix way to late into the night on school nights.  I have created static IP mappings for the MAC Addresses of all of the devices I want blocked.  Then on the Services|Content Filtering|Schedule page I create a schedule that defines the hours and days for one set of blocking that I want to happen.  Then I go to Services|Content FIltering|Block Services, select Per Schedule, select my Service definition and click Apply.  That seems to work for that schedule. 

I want to be able to create a hybrid schedule.  I want to be able to have this go into effect from 10:00PM-6:00AM S-Th then 11:00PM-7:00AM Friday then 12:30AM-8:00AM Saturday (really Sunday).  Unfortunately I can't figure out how to configure this on this router.  This is relatively simple with other router software, but I don't see how to do it in DUMAOS.  It seems like a pretty straightforward need, but I've been unsuccessful.  I would be fine either having the schedule be more flexible (be able to create one schedule that has different times for different days) or to be able to create multiple simple schedules and be able to apply multiple schedules to multiple service definitions simultaneously.  

Am I blind?  Is there some way to do this?  If not, any plans to do it?  I realize this is primarily a gaming router...but this functionality is pretty straight forward and very common in many routers out there.


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Hi Slider - sorry to be unhelpful but this is actually Netgear’s feature. So I recommend you head over to their forum as you’ll get more experienced help there: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/bd-p/en-home-nighthawk-pro-gaming-routers

You could also contact official support too: https://www.netgear.com/support/contact.aspx

I would help you if I could but this is not a feature I have used before!

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