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Bandwidth Allocation

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I live in Brazil and I got a netduma r1 router. I have some doubts about the bandwidth allocation.

My internet speed is 200 download / 18 upload and i use only for gaming and streaming.

For streaming i use 8300 bitrate but sometimes it fluctuates up to 9000+ as i can see on OBS. What do you guys suggest for bandwidth allocation to my PC streamer and my PS4?

I was thinking to still using my streaming PC cable connected to my ISP router and only connect my PS4 Pro to netduma. Is it a good practice?

Also what's the acceptable amount of bandwidth for my PS4 in terms of upload? Should i set like 3000? We know there's a lot of lag compensation in Call of Duty games.

Another question is about the dedicate server in Brazil / SA. I saw some pictures on this forum that there's only one server in SA and it's in Brazil - Sao Paulo, correct? Should I set my geo filter to cover the whole Brazil / SA?

Thank you!

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Hi Thyago - I recommend you cover most of South America with the Geo-Filter to start off with. Once you find the perfect server (which I believe is near São Paulo), you can then reduce the distance. 

As for QoS - it really is personal preference. Your PS4 won’t need much bandwidth, so you can give it about 20%. Then give the rest to whatever you feel needs it. Don’t worry too much, any unused bandwidth is automatically given to other devices that need it. 

Here’s a guide to QoS if it helps: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000077073-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-qos-step-3-

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