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Hey i have the R1 & Nighthawk AC1900 i play Call of Duty competitively on ps4 and also fortnite and I'm always having connection issues on these games for years I had the r1 about 1 year ago and that made a huge difference on pubs but didn't make any difference on private games i also bought the nighthawk ac1900 and I'm not happy with that aswell. I live in turkey/Istanbul and i don't have fibre in my are right now i have 12 based ping 48 down and 4 upload. for example on a fortnite server the best ping i can get is 50-60 and that on the german server i normally get 80 on uk servers but on cod i don't think everything is host when i play against a guy from uk with good internet he can easily melt me on my host. like how can have a advantage against me on my host i don't get it anyways I'm might sell the both routers and get the xr 500. do you guys think getting xr 500 will solve any of these problems ? 

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CoD doesn't use P2P, it uses a server so depending on what server you're connecting to if someone else is closer to the server they'll have an advantage. What server are you connecting to? 


The XR500 still has the Geo-Filter and QoS. Geo-Filter uses the same cloud so no difference there. 

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