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internet dropout

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I have random connexion dropout which kick me out of games.


My setup is: ISP router > range extender > XR500 > PS4


My range extender is connected to my ISP router by wifi

My range extender and PS4 are connected to my XR500 by cable


I've tried many options dans I don't know what else to do

I'm on firmware V2.3.2.22


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  • Netduma Staff

Hi, welcome to the forum! You're getting a ton of packet loss and spikes on that test. Lets try a different setup and try to narrow down the issue.


If you run a pingplotter test with this setup: Modem > XR500 > Wired PC, do you get the same results? You need to try to figure out if this is caused by the range extender, your Modem or the XR500.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. I can't directly connect to the modem downstairs because it's a share connection from my neighbor.


I tested modem > extender > XR500 > PC and modem > extender > PC



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  • Netduma Staff

You're going to struggle to get a decent connection with that setup, especially for gaming. You're getting spikes of over 100ms, and those spikes will be caused by upstream equipment or your line. If you just completely remove the XR500 do you still get drop outs? What is the modem you have connected after your XR500?

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