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QoS Settings

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I've found that turning the Anti-Blufferboat to "never" works by far the best for me. I mainly play Halo 5 competitively but dabble in PUBG on Xbox/PC and the shot registration is so much better I almost didn't believe it. I've had the R1 and now the XR500 and I've tweaked with about every setting you can imagine. After having a Duma for the last 2 years its currently the best it's ever felt. Just wanted to give a heads up to my fellow spartans in here.


Also quick thanks to the community and the Duma team. I'm mostly a lurker but you guys always ask the right questions and the duma guys always seem to have the right answers and if not they get to the bottom of it. Really appreciate it guys and girls!

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  • Netduma Staff

Welcome to the forum :D I hope some of the spartans out there can make use of your advice. We'll see how it plays with Halo: Infinity!


If you need any assistance at all just let us know.


Just so you're aware the way you have it setup means that QoS is not active. You're likely still benefiting from Traffic Prioritization though which is why you're finding it so good. If you experience any local congestion while playing or otherwise then Anti-Bufferbloat wouldn't help the way you have it setup.

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