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DOS ATTACK and DNS Failure Internet Loss

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I recently purchased the XR500 Router and overall everything is running good. However over the past few days i've noticed that the internet has been cutting out once in a while for minutes at a time. Sometimes up to 10 minutes. I checked the logs an noticed an alarming number of "DOS ATTACK: ACK Scan" scanning mainly ports 443 and 80. I figured that the router is doing its job by blocking these scans.


Of the latest scans, i tracked the IP's to a majority of them coming from Amazon and LiquidWeb (never heard). 


I'm not 100% if these "Attacks" are what is effecting my connection but when all is running fine and i check the logs, i don't see any of the attacks.


I searched around and found that some people had turned of UPNP and so i followed suite during one of these "attacks" when my internet was down and low and behold, everything was working just fine.


So now i'm not sure as to whether it was these "attacks" that were crippling my internet or if UPNP was at fault. Any insight? I actually returned the Orbi and purchased this router with an EX8000 extender as a replacement because of this vary same issue so i'm pretty bummed i'm still running into this.


I've attached the logs for reference.


UDPATE: After trying submit this post, encountered another outage so I don’t even think it’s UPNP related now. After refreshing the logs, I’ve attached them here also and noted that there was one that states “Dynamic DNS host name registration failure”. Could this possibly have anything to do with it?



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