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Destiny 2 pc "Strict nat"

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Hey guys, ive tried everything on settings with my netduma r1.


I get strict nat every time i open up destiny 2 on my pc.

just for the record im a big noob at know what the different things are in settings, just so you know :)

could really use some help thx.


best regards BeNNerG

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  • Netduma Staff

Hi, welcome to the forum!


If you go into Settings > UPnP, do you have this enabled? Make sure it's enabled, then make sure there are no rules set in Settings > Port Forwarding.


On the Host Filtering page, you'll need to make sure your PC has the 'Xbox Live' service. (It's a bit confusing I know, but the Xbox Live service contains all the ports you need to properly filter PC games).


With Strict Mode disabled on the Geo-Filter, do you still get a strict NAT with these settings?

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