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Which modem is best to avoiding the puma 6 latency issue? help me.

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So I am thinking of changing internet provider because at the moment the current one only offers modems with puma 6 modems and they are sucking for me.


So the internet provider i'm thinking on has a bunch of compatible modems I can buy and use and I want to know which one would be the best

and bet avoiding latency issues with the modem. I highly appreciate this. thanks


here are the modem choices. 


NOTE: I have no idea if the motorola choices are the newer modems or the older version of them. 



Cisco DPC3848
Cisco DPC3848V
Coship CCM8200 (
Hitron CDA3-20 (
Hitron CDA3-35 (
Hitron CGN-CWV (
Hitron CDA-RES (
Huawei MT130U (Vi00r001c01B071)
Motorola SB6141 (
Motorola SBG6580 (
Motorola SBG6580 (
RCA DCM475 (STAC.02.16)
SmartRG SR804n (
Technicolor DCM475 (STAC.02.16)
Technicolor DCM476 (STAC.02.50)
Technicolor DCW775 (STB5.01.51)
Technicolor TC4300 (STFC.01.01)
Technicolor TC4350 (50041.1.19.0)
Thomson DCM475 (STAC.02.16)
Thomson DCM476 (STAC.02.50)
TP-Link TC7650 (v1.0.3)
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Well neither of the good modems aren't on  any of the internet providers that I can choose from. :(  Would be nice to know what's the best one I can choose though. 


Google the model number and the word chipset


Anything broadcom should be ok


Also make sure it's only a modem, not with a built in router.

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