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newbi general os interface help

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If you pin the GF to dashboard you can make it bigger :) that's what i do when i want to set my home location.



Hi Mustang,


Really happy to hear that you’re enjoying DumaOS! You’re correct there is only one zoom level at the moment however we will be adding more zoom levels in the next update as it has been highly requested.


Regarding the thickness of the radius, is this on the main page of the Geo-Filter or when the map is pinned? If when pinned we are aware of that and so will improve that but a refresh of the page should fix it. If on the main page what browser are you using and is this when you’re zoomed in or out?


Thanks a lot for the feedback.


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hi  there is a lot i dont know how to with dumas os  

my set up is simple clean modem/ R1/wired to PS4pro/ HDMI to TV   all within few feet ,,


 Game play is on the TV how do people monitor &  RECORD stats    of game-play for tuning later   NEVER  STOP challenging my isp but hope that day comes ..

i have been  running my laptop McBPro osx  with the   open  glancing at ping graph 

i would like to see , say the evenings play mapped out is this something available on duma os   did i miss info on set up pages 

  Also is not encrypted page  on web so how do i secure my own interface when open all evening on sony psn .

cheers .

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  • Netduma Staff

Hi DCM - I've moved your post to General Support (as DumaOS is separate software to the current Netduma R1 software, it's a separate support channel).


I think I understand what you mean by your first suggestion - there's currently no way to view your evenings gameplay mapped out, though that would be a really cool feature and we've already thought of implementing that in the future.


If you just type in your speeds in 'Set Bandwidth' and let the router do the setting up for you, that's the best way to get the best speeds through it. Then, I'd recommend selecting a profile for the game you're playing.


As for encrypting the page, this won't be necessary. The router is protected by its own firewall, the UI is perfectly safe and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

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