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Google Home and Cromecast Issues

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Hi Team,


I was reading this article linked below around issues being caused by Cromecast and Google Home Smart devices which arises around the device waking after prolonged sleep times that can cause router wifi to crash.




I'm wondering if you are already aware and looking at implementing a fix for this issue as I have quiet a few of these devices?



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  • Netduma Staff

Hi - thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're going through a heavy transition period at the moment having just announced our partnership with Netgear, which may mean we don't get around to releasing a fix for this issue before Google release the fix themselves.


That being said, I'm not sure that this article is referring to us being able to -fix- the issue with an update - I believe this article might be suggesting that updating the router could increase the lifespan of the router if this packet burst issue is occurring. I'll have to check with our programmers, though I'm not sure if there's anything we can do to permanently protect against this from our end.


I'm certain that Google will be the first to release a fix for their devices. If you're within your warranty period (1 year after purchase) then you will be protected if your router is broken by this issue.

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