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Please help, more detail inside

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I just bought the NETDUMA R1, I am trying to talk in a private party on PS4 with my friends, I live in Newfoundland Canada, my one friend lives in Ontario Canada, and my other friend live in New York, I set the Host filtering to set out to reach their areas to allow connections to them, however I am not able to play games with them and in our party they can only hear my voice lagging. I am also not able to join or invite either of them to my game on COD WW2. Not sure what settings I need to set. Also when I am in the Host filtering Section on the Netduma interface and i hover over pinged locations nothing is showing in regards to ping information or host data. Also when I do attempt to ping a host the ping graph wont load.

Also everytime i attempt to update my bandwidth and allow netduma to configure i get a warning error with no information

Any assistance would be great.

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