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Wifi and slow speeds

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Hi guys,


Bought a Duma a little over 18 months ago and starting to have some issues. Often the wifi drops out and the modem has to be restarted, probably happens about once a day. Secondly I get great speeds on my PC about 90mbs down and 2 UP (yay Aus cable) however on my playstation the speeds are very sporadic but have been averaging 15mbs a sec and 1 up. The PS4 is in hyperlane and congestion control is sitting at about 80 80 so not sure what is going on. can anyone offer advice for me?(PS4 and PC are ethernet)


Games like overwatch and battlefront are fine however FIFA is a fucking dogs breakfast and I want to destroy all technology providing me gaming services. It is probably just EA servers but when I look at the speeds on my PS im not sure if this is affecting the quality of game.


any advice is welcome.

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