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  1. Wanting to set up a VPN on my XR500 - when i go to download the open file, do I download the Netduma one? or is that for the R1? if not which one do i download?
  2. Does anyone know how this works exactly? I am in Australia and quite often when the game loads up there are servers that pop up in the states and europe that are white with a white rectangle in them.... I assume these are some sort of login servers? what happens if i deny those servers.... will i also avoid people going through them?
  3. is there an update on Destiny 2 PC for the beta? atm it doesnt work at all? is there a work around in the mean time?
  4. Ive had better results from ping assist but each to their own
  5. yeah, just using ping assist i have found to yield way better results than geo filter in D2, even in comp where it matches off glory. its like 8/10 games are great compared to 4/10. What i meant is that when using geo filter i always seem to get shitty hit reg even with people within the circle and relatively low ping, then i can turn it off and connect to the same people and it "feels" better
  6. Just wanted to leave feedback that D2 PVP is waaaaaaaay better with no geo filter and only 50 ping Assist. I stumbled upon this after reading the best setup guides. connections are way better, faster and hit reg is just mwaaaah! I did this by putting my geo in the ocean somewhere and just adding 50 ping assist. Very small sample size of games below but so far it is the best it has ever felt in D2. Has there been any reports that Geo filter affects the overall gaming experience in D2 in a negative way.
  7. I did all of this and it is still happening, it is better but still happening. I have also noticed that the amount of Beaver and Bee errors have increased. I should note that ping assist is still on 0 and strict is off.
  8. Factory reset yields the same results
  9. Tested with basically the same results.... maybe a little better with ping assist off
  10. 1: I'll test this now 2: R1 3: PS4 Pro Console
  11. Hey team, Just looking for some assistance, I live in Australia and basically every single game I am matched up with Japanese lobbies. Not exactly sure what to do because i've tried everything i can think of..... As you can see in the pic below, geo filter set around Australia, Ping assist is set to 50 yet I am still matching up with lobbies in Japan at over 250ms. This is in quick play where SBMM is limited but the problem is amplified in comp as basically every game I'm matched with teams on the otherside of the world ( I understand this may have something to do with the recent MM changes also) Strict is off in this example because i find i'll get kicked from games if I use it. any suggestions?
  12. factory reset did the job. now however i cant access the gateway via ethernet but can via wifi
  13. Hey guys, I upgraded my firmware as per the emails however now it prompts me to enter my user and password. I have never changed these and the default admin/password is not working. can you please help me? Thank Morgs
  14. Hi guys, Bought a Duma a little over 18 months ago and starting to have some issues. Often the wifi drops out and the modem has to be restarted, probably happens about once a day. Secondly I get great speeds on my PC about 90mbs down and 2 UP (yay Aus cable) however on my playstation the speeds are very sporadic but have been averaging 15mbs a sec and 1 up. The PS4 is in hyperlane and congestion control is sitting at about 80 80 so not sure what is going on. can anyone offer advice for me?(PS4 and PC are ethernet) Games like overwatch and battlefront are fine however FIFA is a fucking dogs breakfast and I want to destroy all technology providing me gaming services. It is probably just EA servers but when I look at the speeds on my PS im not sure if this is affecting the quality of game. any advice is welcome.
  15. On my PC I get 90MB Down basically all the time, all wifi devices get about 45 down but the PS constantly pulls 10-15MB occaisionally going up to 50 odd but never consistent.
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