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been having trouble on xbox 1


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i am on xbox1 dashboard preview so that could be a negative.


netduma R1 debug version 1.03.6g running on rb-951g-2hnd


my local is : US east co ISP: cablevision/optimum 75d 25up 6 devices on network 2 lan 4 wifi


my xbox on1 is lan with 1 laptop on monitoring bandwith. 1 other device on wifi most of the time.


my netduma settings are base but i have whitelisted most of the ppl i play with and sum servers in my region and mid west. i have issues on madden 18 and cod modern warfare remastered. madden keeps matching me up with ppl on the west coast. in cod i get a delay or sum lag always. looking to optimize my settings. anytime other issues usually on xbox side of things. all lan/coaxial cabels are fresh. i play on 1ms monitor and play during both peak and non peak hours on a regular. besides those games i play Destiny 2 shadow of war GTA nba 2k fortnite the division mostly sum delay/lag on a few . on PC its pubg h1z1 with no problems. thanks



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