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Netduma, VPN and VirtualShield (I'm A Complete VPN Noob)

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I think this will be my first time using a VPN




I plan on buying this to avoid PS3 console bans (Jailbreaking)


1) Will this be easy to setup with Netduma?

2) Let's say I get PSN banned with a certain "fake" IP. What next?

3) What are your thoughts on the product? Any other recommendation?




4) Does turning PC off cancel the VPN on console?

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As long as that VPN supports OpenVPN and you can download the configuration files from them you should be fine to use it with the router.


1 - Depends on if the config works first time, if not post the config you're using and we should be able to help edit it to work.

2 - Choose a different VPN server and shouldn't be banned anymore. 
3 - Never heard of the VPN. Don't have a recommended VPN provider other than saying if you're using it for gaming maybe try to find a gaming VPN that has close servers to you to minimise latency. Generally I don't recommend using a VPN for gaming though.

4 - Nope!

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It works basically like this:


Normal: Your house > Game server

VPN: Your house > VPN server > Game server


You're adding an extra hop in your connection to the game server, this will add latency. The further away the VPN server is the more added latency you'll have. So if you insist on using one it would be best to choose a server closest to your location.

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I have a beast and consistent connection. It's always 400+ down and up so as long as the VPN is near my city, I'll be fine, right?


Bandwidth is irrelevant for gaming, it uses much less than 1mbps. The ping is what is most important. If you have a low base ping, force a local game server and use a local VPN server you should be okay, you may not notice the additional latency too much.

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