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New to NETDUMA - Need some answers :)


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Hi everyone 


First of all sorry if the enligsh is bad.


I am new to the NETDUMA and will use it when i play FIFA and Call of duty. At the moment i play alot of fifa but since i started using the NETDUMA i am never the host of any match in FIFA. I always play away, and before i started with the netduma i played more at home than away? Any suggestion why this happens? 


I also experienced that if i put both Upload and Download Cap under Anti-flood at 100 % and then at the prioritisation put it in 95 for my PS4 and 5% at the PC then the matches in FIFA lagged alot. But when i put the up and down cap to 70 % and the prioritisation at 80 for my PS4 and 20 for my PC then they didnt lag at all? What does these bars do? I dont think i understand how they works?


Whats the difference of the two algorithm under anti flood?


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Hey, welcome to the forum!


host shouldn't affect, maybe because you're dictating who you'll allow yourself to play with it dictates you as the host


The anti-flood is the feature that will prevent you experiencing lag/local congestion caused by other devices in your home. So with them set to 100% it was off which is why you saw lag. Here's some more reading on the feature itself: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000026314-what-is-congestion-control-


The algorithms are for different speeds. If you have under ~60mbps its recommended to use the preemptive algorithm otherwise use reactive. Though you can of course experiment with this - and people do, sometimes find the other algorithm better for their gaming experience.

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