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25ms to 985ms in game ping? Destiny 2

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Recently tried Destiny 2 settings,


Whitelist 40

Gameserver 37

Map 28


The player base is pretty close to the geo filter radius. However my ping shown on the host filter page is jumping from 25ms up to 985ms which seems a bit odd.

If I run a ping diagnostic test from the router the ping result is good everything else is exceptional.

Also since these changes I'm now experiencing a very slow UI loading.


I'm getting a bit frustrated due to my lack of knowledge regarding the settings within the router and would appreciate some help.

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You can use 41, 38, 28 now. 


The ping spikes is an aesthetic bug we're aware of, very unlikely you'd have a ping that high. Untick auto ping host and manually click on a host to ping it, does the ping stay normal? Are you using Google Chrome to access the interface?


For slow interface take a look here: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/19266-slow-gui-interface-the-solution-is-here/

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