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If anyone is looking to change ISP...


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Vodafone could be an option...


If you are in a position of wanting to switch broadband provider then the deal of the year maybe running until 9th October 2017 based on the new pricing from Vodafone which has the VDSL2/FTTC services at 20% off their normal price.

  • Unlimited Fibre 38, £20 per month for 18 months and no setup fee. Up to 38 Mbps download and up to 9.5 Mbps upload speeds
  • Unlimited Fibre 76, £24 per month for 18 months and no setup fee. Up to 76 Mbps download and up to 19 Mbps upload speeds.

This new offer replaces the previous free gift deal and with a simple 20% off it is a lot simpler than complicated cashback or giftcards. The price of the up to 76 Mbps product is also very low and might tempt more people to give the faster service a whirl for 18 months, note if considering this it is only worth ordering if your estimated speeds are above 40 Mbps.

The real shocker is that with the ADSL2+ service at £25 per month and a £24 or £49 setup fee, so there is no excuse for people to not upgrade from ADSL or ADSL2+ to the up to 38 Mbps service.

The aggressive pricing is of course down to Vodafone wanting to grow its customer base and as the weeks passed since its last offer had started the other providers had been creeping down to the £25 price point, the quesiton is which ones will follow down as low as £20 now?

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