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Gaming with Full Cone vs Symmetric NAT Routers

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Posting this here as this may also effect the NetDuma router and gamers who use NetDuma routers and have two or more game consoles connected to there routers and trying to achieve OPEN NAT across the board or on same in games being played at the same time:



I hope that NetDuma and there gaming users will review this. It effects everyone that games, Router Mfrs and game services, i.e. MS and Sony. 

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How do I trust that this information is accurate? It could just be a list put together by some incompetent user who is very biased about routers that they are being paid to promote. Since it's such a small list of devices I think that it is completely misleading and inaccurate to tell gamers "here is a list of 3 acceptable routers to use" if you want to play your games. I wouldn't trust this. I use a router that's on the "bad" list with multiple consoles and I never have a NAT issue while playing.

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Kinda like your modem list? Ok. 


But do you game with two or more consoles while playing same game? 


It's ok, my issues have been confirmed by MS and others. I'm not here to prove anything to you!!!


I hope the NetDuma will look into this with MS. 


All information is posted at badmodems.com for review. it's even on reddit. If you read more you would have noticed an MS Engineer has posted and learned about the preview program update thats coming down. 

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