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Can't connect

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I use the netduma at one location and it works fine (desktop windows 8) I take it to another location (desktop windows 7) and the wifi shows up but can't connect, and nothing and no internet, but once I put the original router between netduma and the modem I can see the page have reset unplugged many times what could be wrong?  I fixed it once by unplugging the modem for a longer period of time, but the next time I unplugged the router and modem that trick didn't work--please help

t work.

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I'll post what I put in your previous thread as you didn't comment on it - It sounds like at the new location you require PPPoE authentication which means you'll need to enter that information into the R1 WAN settings. 


It could also be that you've set static WAN in R1 settings.

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