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Netduma interface pages not loading (Server not found).

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I have recently been having an issue where the Netduma interface pages don't load and give me a "Problem loading page" - "Server not found" error.


This will happen when i navigate to a new page after being idle for a while or for example make a change like to the congestion controls, The slider when i change from 80% to 100% and vice versa.


If i then try to navigate to a new page the page won't load. If i wait a little while it will load again after sometime has passed.


Does anyone know why this is happening, it's starting to get annoying.


FYI my internet is still working fine when the Netduma pages don't load.



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Firefox and yes interface password.


As of right now i can't access the interface, I'll keep trying.




I was able to get access via the local IP for the interface, however http://r1still doesn't load.


I guess i'll just use the IP from now on since that seems to be working. I don't understand why http://r1stopped worked all of a sudden.

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It loaded fine without the interface password, I don't understand... why doesn't it work with the password? i thought a password should be set?


I think what is happening is that after you have been idle your login session has timed out. So when you try to go back it's trying to re-initiate that session but can't as it's timed out so then after a bit when you try again it realises you need to login again.


You don't need to set a password for the interface. The password you definitely need to have is on WiFi.

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