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Geo filter observation!


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Ok yall, last night I got online and two of my friends were on in a party. They are both on my allowed list. one East coast USA and the other near Brighton in the uK.

Geo filter is set to include Great Britain and a tiny bit of Northern France.

They invite me to their existing lobby and we get into a game no problem even with my filter switched on. It appeared as if the filter was still doing it's thing too as we only got hosts in the UK. :)

Is this right or was it just a fluke.

(party host was UK)

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Just think of it as either allowed or not allowed. If the host of the game is allowed in CoD you should be able to connect. So people can be allowed in a few ways:

  • They are inside your Geo-Filter distance
  • They are below your ping assist value
  • They are on your allow list

Does that make sense?

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