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Netduma R1 behind Pfsense

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I was wondering about the different ways the Netduma R1 can be set up behind a Pfsense.



This is for a household with 1 wired Ps4 Pro, 1 wired gaming laptop, 2 wireless laptops ( Macbooks ), 1 wireless Ps4, 5-8 smartphones for internet use with a peak hour speeds of 95 mbps download & 38 mbps upload.



Can i set up the Netduma R1 as an access point behind the Pfsense? If so, how? If not, can i or should i, add an access point behind the Netduma R1 that is behind the Pfsense?


I mainly want to use the features & hardware benefits of the Pfsense & most of the firm/software features of the Netduma R1.


Would i also be able to use the vpn hybrid feature of the Netduma R1, if i use the vpn feature on the Pfsense? If i can, should i? If i can't, then is it better to use the vpn on the Pfsense or Netduma R1?



Hardware specifications of the Pfsense i will be using is


Intel Celeron Quad Core CPU J1900 Bay Trail 2.0GHz, 2MB L2 Cache

4 Gigabit ethernet Intel NIC ports

4GB PC-1600 DDR3L RAM in a single SO-DIMM

8 or 16GB mSATA SSD ----> does it matter how much storage i have?

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The R1 doesn't have access point mode but you could just use the WiFi on the duma and not connect anything to it via ethernet. If you want 5GHz/AC WiFi then an access point might be the best option for you. Keep in mind with not all devices connected to the R1 you wouldn't be able to utilise congestion control. 


You should be fine to use VPN hybrid on the duma whilst also using it on Pfsense as you wouldn't have VPN'd the same device. If you want VPN hybrid specifically then the R1. I haven't used VPN on Pfsense personally. 

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