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i have problem with online games.(lag with no reason)!!!

jioseftsavi gaming

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hello my friends!i'm a new in forum.but i have the netduma router 1 yerar!(SORY MY ENGLISH IS NOT PERFECT).


 Ι'm from greece.i have problem with my online gameplay.i have brige mode with netduma one tplink w 9980.myconnection is good.i have vdsl 50 download-5 upload.the test in DSl report is a+a+a+.in www.oakla.com  my ping is16.The ping test with (cmd) in Google server (ping, is 63-64. Now.in black ops3 I feel the enemies kill my like play a hard-core game!!!and the infinite same!when I play in Badwitch control of netduma I put the download 40% and upload 50%.i enable the host filter and I poot the ping of find server  70. (I have enable upnp - coccies in miselenium ,and hyper traffic..in my play station 4 device i enable dhcp lease between my router with ps4)all like perfect.but the problem again it's big!I have cat 5 cables between my devices....what can I do?2 days a go i stream in bo3 in twitch and the game play match better than when not stream.should with throw more my upload??

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Hey, welcome to the forum!


The Google server is located far away from you which means that the ping will be higher. That server has also been misbehaving for other users so I wouldn't worry about it. Put download & upload to 70% each. Reset device prioritisation and put your console in hyper traffic. 


On the Geo-filter have a 1500km radius, strict on and ping assist 0. Disable UPnP in miscellaneous settings. 


ALL devices should be connected to the R1 otherwise the congestion control will not work correctly. 

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