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I purchased my netduma and upon arrival I started the setup process. I followed the guide that was provided and reached the end of the setup. the router was working fine for the first day but then the next day I was unable to connect to the internet on my Xbox one s, cell phone, and my tablet. I was using the Wi-Fi feature for the netduma.  my netduma router was right underneath my modem which was using Wi-Fi as well. after emailing about my issue I was told that the Wi-Fi interference between the netduma router and my modem was causing the issue, so I unhooked the netduma router and tried to set it up in another area. but now I can not connect to the netduma router at all. I've emailed the problem and was given instruction on how to resolve this problem, however, I have had no success. I've been giving all kinds of steps and guides but nothing is working. I have gotten to the point that I wanted to just return the product in exchange for a new one. I have been without using my netduma router for about a month now, and it is getting very frustrating, especially knowing that I spent so much money on this product. I know it works which is why I want to get this issue resolved ASAP! Please help if anyone is able to otherwise this is just a waste of money and time.

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Hello, welcome to the forum!


Can you confirm your setup please. You mention that you've moved your Netduma router to another room. Is it still connected to the modem (port 1 to port 1)? If not please do that. Then connect a PC via ethernet to port 2 on the Netduma. Are you able to access the interface? Can you connect to the internet?


If so great! Then access your modem and put it in modem mode or put the WAN IP found in the Netduma device manager into the DMZ section of your modem (usually found in Security or Firewall settings). Then disable the WiFi on your modem - this should prevent interference with the Netduma WiFi as well as ensuring that all devices connect to the Netduma and not automatically to the modem.

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