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I have a query


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Thank you for support and I have a query!

My English is bad, but I hope to reach idea
If I have  another Router connected with netduma and work with QOS system. and set Down:1 mbit up:100 kpbs
And all the devices connected to it. Without Ps4 . Ps4 is directly connected with the netduma
Is it necessary to put Anti-flood 70
my speed Down :12 mbit  Up :800 kpbs
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Hello, welcome to the forum!


So this is sort of the setup you are talking about?:


Netduma > router (limit to 1down, 0.1up in Netduma settings) > all devices
                > ps4


As your speeds are fairly low anyway I would recommend enabling congestion control. It isn't necessary to add another router like you describe. I would just connect everything to the Netduma and use anti-flood at 70/70. With your console in hyper traffic (this means gaming is prioritised).

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