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Support for Mario Kart 7 3DS possible ?

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Hi everybody. :-)


In a few days I can call myself a happy gamer with my own Netduma R1 router.


Now there's something I'm really interested in... Is it possible to add support to the Netduma

for the Nintendo network, especially for Mario Kart 7?


The last few days I feel so tired getting connected to hosts from Japan.

I live in Germany and the latency to the host is pretty ridiculous. ;-)


Sincerely yours,



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Great news Kay, please let us know if it does work on your 3ds. If not we can definitely work on porting it for you. 


Hi Iain, thank you so much. :-)

Mario Kart 7 will be the first game I am going to test.

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Hi Iain, I'm so happy to tell you that I've got my Netduma R1 delivered yesterday.  :)

I've been testing the router and my AW gameplay has improved from a 0.5 k/d to a 1-2 k/d per game. 

That's great, because I've rarely achieved it before.

I've even tested some of the previous CoDs, such as Black Ops 1,2, MW3 etc. All of them work just great. :)

Thank you for the development of this heavenly device.

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Yes, as far as I can see it works. I can see a lot of big circles blinking all over the globe and before the race starts, the game shows the exact countries in the avatars of the players. And the countries are exact the same as they are shown on the geo filter map in the Netduma R1.

Mario Kart 7 seems to use peer to peer connections instead of host based matchmaking.

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