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Network UL/DL limiting feature to reduce lag.

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in the DD-WRT and Tomato software there are a feature called "bandwidth limiting".
In DD-WRT you can limit either a "Layer 7 Service", PORT, VLAN, IP, Physical port and MAC-Adress to a max network UP and DOWN speed.
In Tomato you can limit a VLAN,IP and MAC-adress to the same.

This is a VERY useful tool to limit your network lag.
Because if you send network packages which are to fast speed to other players in the game there network buffers on there way might drop packages.
And there is also a sync between all the players and the host/server so even if a HIT is registered at the server in a shooter game it might be a miss because the one being shot has problems with there network connection between us two.

But if you reduce the network speed you will not send packages to fast so the other playters with slower speed and latency will have less problems and your HIT's will probably be registered.

If the game developers would taken this in consideration and make a good code for this we wouldn't see this problem as much.(they might not even be able to, it might be resident in the console or the computer driver or network card.)
But still, this is a problem that the router CAN help reducing.
So my feature request is an ability to set limitation in a similar way as DD-WRT has.

P.S I know that you can limit with device prioritation if you select without "share", but it's very bulky and you can't limit just a specific port and you don't see what speed you really are limiting to.
And you just wan't to limit the game play data, not the chat or other stuff on that device.
CONGESTION CONTROL will fix so YOUR's and your ISP buffers won't be filled, but they won't fix problems which relate to game bandwidth and other players network speed limitations.

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