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PS4 download speeds

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I recently purchased the Netduma and have been loving it since I got it. I was able to get good connections in my game every match, I could block laggy players, and could prevent lag from the family streaming things. The only problem that I have faced is my PS4's download speed. With my ISP modem/router, I was getting up to 50 download and usually 5 upload, 20 gig games would take half an hour. But with the Netduma I've only been able to get around 10 down and 2 up, so those games are now taking days. I've tried everything I could find about increasing speeds and getting speeds back to normal and nothing has helped improve at all. I want to get battlefield 1, new call of duty, and titanfall 2, but can't because it would take weeks to download them all. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Hey, welcome to the forum!


Firstly the console speed tests can be quite inaccurate so I wouldn't pay too much attention to them. Are you receiving your full speeds through a wired PC? 


For your speeds:

  • Preemptive or Reactive Algorithm
  • 100% anti-flood
  • Share excess enabled
  • Reset device prioritisation & apply
  • Disable IPv6 in WAN, LAN & misc
  • Disable deep packet in misc
  • Ensure the ethernet cables you're using connecting the R1 to hub & R1 to PC are Cat5e+/can handle your speeds.
  • Do a wired speed test from a PC

Have you tried a different ethernet cable to the console as well as a different port on the R1?

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You've got something setup wrong. I see the same speeds for my ps4 with or without the duma. I don't change the mtu on the ps4. Is this a true known fact or just something someone saw on youtube? I regularly download at 48Mbps or 6MB down and speed test with ps4 are genrally 50/5 but ps4 sp3edtest is subjective.

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