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Problem with my netduma

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Sorry for my english but i m Italian. 

I got a problem with my netduma, so when i go to VPN settings i see that i have VPN actived but i can t disable it, i have factory resetted it but it still remain actived, when i click for going into my netduma page it is really slow and i can t do anything.. i ll put a video on youtube, i hope someone can help me.. thanks for reading and for the support ! i haven t any problem with my internet connection, but the netduma is really slow , All the times i factory reset the netduma will become avaiable for some hours but then it will be not avaible like before.. i still can t disable vpn settings and i have a strange popup about vpn  i don t know why.. :(


watch this:


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Hello, welcome to the forum!


Don't worry about your English I can understand you just fine :)


For the slowing down of the interface change to the default theme in settings > miscellaneous.


For the VPN, it isn't actually enabled when that tick is there. If it is connected then where it said disconnected it will say connected. There are no VPN details in the feature and no devices selected so it cannot be enabled. That pop up is fine as well don't worry about that. 

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