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Continued disconnected from the net duma

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I've recently updated my internet connection to FTTH connection. (100 mbp/s)


But ever since there seems to be a problem to just "surf" on the internet with the netduma.


Let me explain myself, All my devives are connected to the netduma and are working good, (ps4, xbox smartphone, my mom laptop's etc etc ...)



Just my macbook (on bootcamp) is getting this  :




it's disconnected every now and then (every 30 min I'll say).


And I cant' figure out why (I'm just nere the router, 4 meters from it)


And FTTH internet does'nt disconnect like that all of a sudden. (my ps4 is still connected but not my laptop for example).


I just can't figure out why;


Could you help me ?



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