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BO3 - Netduma - Just Observance

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Time Warner Cable from San Diego 300/20 bandwidth.   CM600 modem - Netduma (no wifi) - Devices & Access Point for WIFI


TWC has been upgrading their internet and increased bandwidth (free) in efforts to remain competitive against Verizon FIOS and Google Fiber (coming soon to San Diego which I will get when available).   I know that they did some infrastructure changes to accommodate the higher bandwidths.  Based upon some internet reads, I assume that they also changed out a lot of the nodes with different switches, filters, couplers, etc.   


After the upgrade, I noticed that my ping went from 15mS to 30mS, yet the ping is A LOT more stable now.  I assume that ping increase is just due to the new switches, equipment, etc.  While monitoring my host ping, it is typically an almost straight line and does not change much more than 10mS.   My gaming has been a lot better lately.  


I have not got around to running ping plotter to see what the jitter actually looks like.  


Here is what seems strange to me.  I play BO3 almost every day or every other day.  I noticed that about every 2-3 days, my host ping starts to fluctuate a lot more than normal.  At this point, I just reboot the modem and Netduma and things seem to go back to normal.


I noticed this happening consistently for about 2 weeks.  Because of this, I now reboot modem and Netduma before I start gaming each day.  


Most of the time, I am the only one so there is minimal devices on the Network.


Has anyone else noticed that you get better gaming if you reboot the modem and router before each gaming session?  

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