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Should netduma speedtest be the same as my BT test??


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Depends on how you have the R1 set.

What are congestion controls set to

Do you have share excess ticked

IPv6 ticked or unticked etc.

Also is 30 down 8 up what you actually get or what you have paid UP TO?

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The others have you sorted re trying to up your speeds, but in direct answer to your question re BT matching Netduma then yes it should.


I'm BT and when on wired connection I get 77mbps on both devices when tested with BT speedtest etc.

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Guest Netduma_Iain

You should get the same speed. Can you try the test on wired and make sure ipv6 is disabled. You can do that by doing


Setting > LAN, disable ipv6

Setting > WAN, disable ipv6

Setting > misc, disable link local

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