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guys let me first say the r1 saved call of duty for me i have played every cod way to much lol sence cod4 on xbox. when i started cod aw i was gettin my ass handed to me 99% of the time and did not know why. is pissed me off so much i almost quit! i came to find out the dummys at sludgehammer games made the multiplayer sbmm. a big mistake! the same one infinward made with with ghosts but changed after pissed gamers. the problem with sbmm is not that u play againt equaly skilled players it is that some one always has a serious connection advantage its foolish i was shooting people with 2 or 3 hitmarkers when i meet thim face to face and i would die and the kill cam would show i didnt even shoot  that bs games should be connection based first then sbmm second stupid sludgehammer games !!


anyway wile finding out about the sbmm i seen the r1 on youtube and once i did a little research i ordered from uk to here in canada it cost me almost 400 cad to my door a little pricey but worth a try to get the cod i love back i love. once i got the r1 i set it up and played my first game with a great ping of around 30 i went 43-10 i was very happy (here in eastern canada it seams like i always connect to games in centeral north america or the west cost with out the r1) well this is not the case any more. i am very happy with the r1 i have been slaughter people on cod now like i used to do its a good feeling


another thing that i must mention is that i have had a few question about the router so i joined the forum and you guys have been great with getting back to me quickly and trying to help with any issues i have had. u guys have a great product and give great service the r1 is worth every dollar thank you so very much




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