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Optimise Your Tv And PS4 For Gaming


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I followed this guide today and i must say my games look 10x better, the video and guide is not mine and full credit goes to NX Gamer so big thanx to him.



Use the Below image to check if your TV supports Full Range RGB or PC range.

Simply download and stick on a USB and insert into your TV if it has a USB mode and view the image with the instructions from the video.

RangeCheck image for Download http://www.nicolaspeople.com/ch3rokee...

If you have an XboxOne use the Configure TV process on the console and follow the Video tips

For PS4 owners simply use the Web Browser and browse to this page and click on the below links to images and follow the Video instructions, be sure to set your Browser to Full Screen when doing this.

Range Check http://i.imgur.com/6QXXlEk.png
ScreenAndSharpness http://imgur.com/aXcisKN.png
ColourImage http://imgur.com/0wOcCDP.png
ContrastCheck http://imgur.com/chmF12Y.png
FinalCheck http://imgur.com/WtJnqPf.png

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