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Hi i'm having trouble with my R1 connecting to the internet followed the instructions but no luck i'm on bt infinity is there something eles i need to do?


Please could you list how everything is set up. e.g HomeHub >> R1 >> Other devices


It might be a good idea if you upgrade to the newest version.


Is the ethernet port plugged into port one of the R1 (PoE Port)? Have you reset both the R1 and the Router/Modem you are connecting the R1 to to?



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On the netduma panel in the left hand column look for settings, Click on that then click on WAN

On the PPPoE page click PPPoE enable,

Then your user name will be [email protected]

Password is BT

Scroll to the bottom of the page then click Apply.


Please let us know if that works :) (I am also on BT Infinity and this works for me)

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