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BO3 Care Package Odds Analyzed


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Some of us can't access extensions through work, can I get the Cliff Note version? I run Care Packages a lot as I play solo and my results are usually poor, so if there are tricks I'd love to know before tonight's session.


And PS, how stacked are the Tier three perks? I'd run 3-4 of them if I could and forget Tier One altogether.

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There is a lot of charts and graphs in the video, which was taken from another who compiled the data.   He was given permission to make the video.  The original source is from the below link.  See if you can open the images from it.


My notes from the video and charts:  

  • Mothership has zero chance of getting in a care package (which I saw from a Vonderhaar tweet)
  • GI Unit is only 0.5% of being earned.
  • Engineer perk does provide much greater odds of getting higher streaks when originally given lower score streaks
  • Even with Engineer the percentage of times getting highest streaks (Talon and above) are 7.5% for all combined (average of 1.25% for each)
  • Statistically, you should not roll the medium to upper streaks


Original Source:


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Much obliged my friend. The new job is making it hard on forum life, but that is no reason to do anything drastic when my commute is less than a third of what it used to be and the checks don't bounce.....LOL

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