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History support in the network monitor

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I have a quota of 40GB/month on my internet subscription, and after researching a bit I came to the conclusion that there were few ready-made solutions that matched my need of being able to monitor where and to what my bandwidth was going. I am very comfortable with unixy platforms, so I planned on building/setting up a solution based on some old hardware and NetPf or similar (SmoothWall). The problem is that although all the tools necessary for achieving my goals are there, the user experience is fragmented (many tools) and slow (bad guis, console logins, ++). So I was also thinking of dumping data from the tools into some ElasticSearch + Kibana based dashboard for visualization.


But allthough all of this is achievable, this all comes down to a lot of work in my sparetime ... 


And then I heard of NetDUMA and saw the Network Monitor! This seems really great, and seems to do a lot of the goals I intended to achieve with building it myself, but there is not a lof of info on this feature (yes, I read the FAQ, Wiki and watched the demo). The main thing I wonder is whether there is some kind of history support in this? I would like to see


- how much bandwidth I have consumed per hour/day/week

- where it went (ip/port/traffic type)

- who used the bandwidth (inside the network, per ip)


NetDUMA supports a lot of these cases, but on a quick glance it seems to only display the very recent past (or real-time)? I can see storage being an issue, but if it was possible to add usb storage or similar it could probably be solved. Perhaps? 


Really wondering about this, because I don't care about all the gaming stuff at all. 200€ is well worth it if I don't have to hammer out code for all of Easter :-)
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Few things would make me happier than having to avoid making that data visualization stuff in D3 or similar myself  ;)


I am renting out an apartment in my basement that will utilize our internet connection, so it would be paramount to keep an eye on how much bandwidth is being consumed by him/her per month. I saw another tech savvy person asking here in the forum if there was some kind of router api, and having the possibility to query the router for this information over HTTP would open up for a lot of fun :-) 


In my mind I am seeing Arduino/RasPi powered red lights going off when I approach my weekly quota  :D

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